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Pani and Enviro Group's Enviro Watertech Engineers Sign New Deal

Pani is pleased to announce a new customer relationship with Enviro Watertech Engineers. Part of Enviro Group, the India-based company functions as an operational service provider that focuses on Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

Enviro Watertech Engineers are deploying Pani’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to integrate a digital component into their business model. The partnership will leverage the Pani platform’s monitoring and management features to digitize O&M procedures for water and wastewater treatment at institutional and industrial facilities.

Two men shake hands in front of the Enviro Group's office signage to commemorate a new deal being signed with Pani.
Pani and Enviro Group representatives shaking hands on the new deal.

Pani’s solution is set to start being used across numerous sites with treatment facilities servicing large complexes. It will enable the foundational piece that begins an organization’s digital journey: digitizing manual data collection and, at select sites, enabling real-time monitoring. By providing a single source of truth that is accessible by operators, managers, and owners, the O&M services offered will become more effective and efficient.

This first step in data capture and visualization empowers EWE’s onsite operators to make better, faster decisions when addressing issues. The tool enables knowledge retention and transfer across changing teams and shifts, delivering effective change management for an evolving workforce. Over time, it will also provide end customers with reduced costs and risks at their water treatment facilities as onsite operators will have a more accurate, complete view of current performance levels and possible issues. 

Expected results are to improve service compliance, discipline, and consistent workflows across sites. EWE’s operational staff will be able to prioritize servicing order more effectively. Access to digitized data (and real-time monitoring, where available) will also provide in-depth visibility into processes and performance to improve quality, while reducing operational uncertainty and headaches that can create unnecessary labour hours.

“Pani is excited to work with Enviro Watertech Engineers. Our decision-making support tool is applicable across a variety of water treatment-related segments and we are encouraged to see early adopters like EWE incorporate digital solutions to bring increased efficiency to their service offering. The current market is changing due to advances in technology, as well as the ongoing climate crisis. The ability to rapidly interpret each treatment system’s unique data inputs to make better operating decisions will be key to navigating this transition well. We look forward to helping EWE digitize processes across the treatment plants they operate and maintain so they can continue to deliver high quality water to their customers.” -Jatin Mehndiratta, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Pani

Providing consultancy on a wide range of environmental services for over twenty years, EWE offers experienced leadership in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals power plants, textile manufacturing, and more.

“Enviro Watertech is looking forward to adding Pani’s comprehensive digital capabilities to our services. Pani is a leader in the digital space and the tool we’re adopting shows depth and breadth when managing water treatment processes for our customers, as well as managing our team more efficiently. We expect this collaboration to increase our operational effectiveness and to create stronger relationships with customers as they see the results of consistently high water quality and service levels. The ability to have clear visibility into workflows and processes to truly understand system performance will also make the jobs of our operators and managers much easier.” -Rohan Desai, CEO at Enviro Watertech Engineers 

The rollout of Pani-enabled operations is set to begin in early 2023 with the addition of the digital platform at sites around India. Operators will be able to take advantage of digitized data and can access accurate information in real time at facilities where connectivity is available, helping them deliver proactive management of water and wastewater treatment systems to their customers. 

About Pani 

Canadian company Pani provides a cloud-based machine learning software platform to elevate the efficiency of industrial and city scale desalination, water, and wastewater treatment plants. Pani's award-winning technology aggregates and ingests data from the plant, then analyzes, visualizes, and instructs operators on how to optimize their plant's performance, saving time, resources, and the environment. 

About Enviro Group 

Enviro Group’s three decade-long journey has been a saga of providing wide-ranging solutions to the ever-growing problems of environmental degradation and contributing to the accreditation, certifications, and testing of sustainable engineering solutions.

The organization has recently re-conceived their logo to represent this journey. In the spirit of implicitly adding value to the various sectors that they are associated with, the new logo puts an emphasis on the letters “en,” to create a connection to the words enlighten, enrich, and enhance.

At the same time, they have retained the essence of the original logo, which depicted a leaf and sphere in green to symbolize a continued commitment to the environment. The logo continues to retain blue as the primary colour as, being the colour of the sky and sea, it is associated with depth and stability and symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. 

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