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Accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable water supply.

Solve water. Solve climate change.
We strive for a world where clean water is accessible and affordable to all.

“Access to water should be a baseline–something you don’t have to worry about.”

As a high school student in New Delhi, Devesh Bharadwaj learned a staggering statistic about the projected gap in fresh water supply and demand—that 60% of humanity’s needs for clean water go unmet. There is not enough. Struck by the immensity of the problem, Devesh devoted his university research to engineering a solution.

With more research, the root problem became clear—water treatment plants simply didn’t have access to the underlying data-driven digital technologies they needed. Instead, a lack of digitization has contributed to widespread firefighting against daily increasing risks, costs, water supply shortages, and greenhouse gas emissions.

So how do we solve the biggest challenge of our time? Digital transformation. Only by leveraging the insights of artificial intelligence can we revitalize existing water treatment infrastructure to become more efficient and sustainable. Now with Pani, water treatment facilities of any shape and size can begin their digitization journey and contribute to a more sustainable water future.


How Digital Technology Can Help Mitigate Climate Change

We build technology to help treatment facilities reach water zero.

Our path to sustainable water​

[6] Clean water and sanitation

[8] Decent work and economic growth

[9] Industry, innovation and infrastructure

[11] Sustainable cities and communities

[12] Responsible consumption and production

[13] Climate action

We support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

Sustainability requires a reduction in annual carbon emissions.


Elevate water plants and empower people through data-driven technologies.

Data makes sustainable water a reality

Overcome diminishing water sources and aging infrastructure.

Measure and reduce emissions

Mitigate operating risks and take your water supply further

Achieve operational efficiency and reduce costs

Pani does what hasn’t been done before for water.

Like Uber for transportation

Like Airbnb for accommodations

Like Flexport for logistics

Data will revolutionize your plant operations on your way to net zero.

Operate faster

Operate better

Operate cheaper


Our blueprint for innovation.



Solve customer problems

We fall in love with the problems—not our own solution. We pursue value for every customer.



Make decisions with data

We use logic and data to challenge assumptions, reflect on our experience, and drive clear decisions.



Innovate at every level

We question the status quo. We think boldly, experiment often, and share our ideas.



Pursue goals with grit

We face every challenge with passion and persistence regardless of the difficulty.



Deliver as a team

We work smarter by leveraging tools, soliciting feedback and collaborating effectively.



Operate with respect

We take care of each other and the planet by showing compassion and empathy in all we do.



Do what we say

We take our commitments seriously by following through on our promises with integrity.

Talk to our team.


A bold vision for the future.

Operation and maintenance of treatment systems can now be optimized beyond long-perceived standards using Pani’s AI Coach. Pani is opening the door to drastically improved life cycle costs in many facets of treatment.

Ashu S. | Project Lead
Aqua Tech Group

“Clean-tech companies like Pani Energy are changing the world with their innovative AI technology.”

Ashu S. | Project Lead
Aqua Tech Group

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