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Innovate and increase resilience.

Avoid downtime and stay in compliance.

Anomalies and unplanned downtime can lead to stalled production, compliance exceedances, and even hefty fines. Use the latest plant data to solve issues before they become problems.

Without Pani Zed
Upset conditions and extreme weather events affect uptime

Operational teams need to manage variable source water quality, peak demand, and a changing climate, but detecting anomalies just in time to prevent exceedances is a challenge.

Permit exceedances lead to non-compliance

Maintaining water quality is critical to safe and smooth operations, but storms, droughts, and changing personnel can lead to expensive fines if quality and discharge permits are not met.

With Pani Zed
Increase infrastructure resilience with a holistic forecasting solution

Pani Zed™ establishes a baseline for treatment processes using performance data, providing eyes on the plant from on- and offsite so that teams can be alerted to proactively address anomalies. 

Consolidate data to prioritize action and stay in compliance

Pani Zed™ provides automated trending and analysis based on the latest lab reports and plant data to predict possible exceedances, helping operational teams identify issues before they affect compliance. 



Plan resources

days to weeks in advance

Prevent downtime

to meet 100% compliance

Forecasting will contribute high value to our team. I now have the information to make more data-driven decisions.

Global leader in water treatment solutions

Fine-tune membrane management.

Membranes are critical cost drivers. As intricate physio-chemical equipment, they require a careful balance of dosing and timed procedures.

Without Pani
Inefficiencies damage membranes & raise opex

Imprecise dosing affects water quality and prevents membranes from achieving optimal life.

Reactive maintenance results in downtime

Membrane complexity and mistimed cleanings lead to unexpected failures and delays.

With Pani
Determine clear chemical dosing

Pani analyzes chemical efficiencies to provide insights into optimizing the dosage and timing.

Extend membrane life with predictive maintenance

Pani forecasts optimal times to clean membranes so you never replace them too early or too late.

Lower energy use and cost of water.

Stay ahead of environmental mandates and tightening net-zero targets. Optimize energy use and operational budgets at municipal treatment facilities to reduce the cost of water for rate payers.

Without Pani Zed
High energy use contributes to high operating costs

Reducing energy consumption is a priority across industries, including water, to meet ambitious and critically important net-zero targets.

Increasing water stress and scarcity puts a strain on supply

Operational expenditure doesn’t always account for fluctuations in treatment conditions and extreme weather events, impacting the demand for, and cost of, a given water supply. Regions already experiencing water stress rely on reuse to sustain supply, which can add to OpEx. 

With Pani Zed
Reduce energy consumption and the operational bottom line

Pani Zed uses predictive insights and prescriptive maintenance to find where to save on energy use so rate payers can save too. 

Save on energy, chemicals, cleanings, and replacements to spend on reuse

Pani Zed uses predictive insights to optimize servicing frequency, recommending windows that won’t disrupt production levels to deliver maximum asset life using the least amount of energy and chemicals so that resources aren’t wasted and investments for reuse are available as needed.

Reduce energy

consumption and emissions

Reduce consumables

like chemicals, filters, and membranes

Lower OpEx

and reinvest the savings

Working with Pani is an important opportunity for us to get first-hand experience with a real-world application of AI [...] to better understand what this can do for our day-to-day plant operations.

Megan P., Ph.D., P.E., 
OCWD Research Director

Smarter water and wastewater treatment plants.

Municipal water treatment

Identify and unlock optimization opportunities to lower energy and chemical use, empowering cross-functional operational teams to keep taps flowing. 

Municipal wastewater treatment

Access and share the latest plant data to help teams take the right action, ensuring permits are upheld and exceedances are minimized for maximum processing efficiency at the lowest cost possible. 

Municipal wastewater recycling

Treat effluent up to standards to make the most of water supplies, while still curbing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Optimize any process

Brackish water

Effluent treatment

Wastewater reuse

Zero liquid discharge

High purity RO

Avoid costly fines

from tens to hundreds of thousands

Optimize operations

through targeted recommendations

Lower cost of water

for plants and ratepayers

Sustain your supply.

No disruption or downtime

No retrofits


"Pani's complete feature offering is one of the best I've seen. We pushed their software capability through test after test, even through scenarios it wasn't necessarily designed to do, and it held up to a high level of scrutiny."

Advanced Analytics Leader
Top 5 Water Company

Retain knowledge to reduce operational risk.

Protect the plant from staff turnover and help new team members feel confident in their decisions. Capture and hold onto institutional knowledge to recruit, onboard, and retain operators.

Without Pani Zed
Siloed information impedes team workflows and leads to inefficiencies

Operational teams need to manage changing conditions, asset life, maintenance costs, and varying levels of experience, making it a challenge to share the latest lab results and compliance reports to plan resources effectively.

Reactive maintenance can be wasteful, expensive, and affects plant uptime

Reacting to membrane fouling or maxed-out pumps works, but it costs a lot of time, energy, and money and can lead to a lower level of quality in water and wastewater. 

With Pani Zed
Share knowledge easily and reduce risks

Pani Zed retains and shares knowledge across changing shift schedules and personnel to not disrupt workflows. Maintain consistent performance levels and empower newer operators to make the best decisions possible with up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Empower the team with proactive maintenance recommendations

Pani Zed™ tracks key performance indicators and delivers recommendations to operators. Predictive maintenance increases process and workflow efficiency to avoid exceedances and system upsets. 

Save time and money

on retraining efforts

Prioritize action

on key performance indicators

Reduce task duplication

with consolidated lab and sensor data

What I see in Pani is the opportunity to realistically instantiate all of the things I know have brought me success and address all the things that have brought me failure in the past, namely the ability to unify our team around data and decisions, to seamlessly transfer institutional knowledge to a platform that informs those decisions for future operations staff, and to digitize workflows and capture not just our operational data to respond to, but to create a new stream of data to analyze how we respond. I’m excited to be working with Pani and I am confident in our team’s ability to transform our operations for the future.

Operations Supervisor,
Municipal Water Utility
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