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Find the optimal operational balance.

Reduce operational risks in desalination processes.

Pumps, valves, cartridge filters, reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, and cross-functional teams drive the desalination process. Ensuring they operate optimally can help extend asset life and improve performance capacities. 

Without Pani Zed
Inefficiencies damage assets and raise OpEx 

Operational teams need to manage changing influent conditions, configurations of RO trains, asset life, maintenance costs, and varying levels of experience, making it a challenge to share the latest plant data and plan resources effectively.

Reactive maintenance can result in downtime

Reacting to a membrane fouling, a strained cartridge filter, or a maxed-out pump speed with chemicals and replacements works, but it costs a lot of time, energy, and money and can lead to a lower level of production. Failures happen because operators can’t see asset health levels. 

With Pani Zed
Share knowledge easily and reduce risks

Pani Zed™ retains and shares knowledge across changing shift schedules and personnel to not disrupt workflows. Simulations run using the latest data help detect performance anomalies, providing recommendations so operational actions can be prioritized. 

Extend asset life with predictive maintenance

Pani Zed tracks each asset to make sure that pumps aren’t overworked, filters aren’t clogging, and membranes aren’t fouling. Predictive maintenance increases process and workflow efficiency to improve uptime and avoid expensive unexpected downtime.


extended membrane life

Up to 45 days

predict anomalies and

maintenance in advance

Reduce Downtime


Operation and maintenance of treatment systems can now be optimized beyond long-perceived standards using Pani’s AI Coach.  Pani is opening the door to drastically improved life cycle costs in many facets of treatment.

Ashu S., Project Lead
Aquatech International

Fine-tune membrane management.

Membranes are critical cost drivers. As intricate physio-chemical equipment, they require a careful balance of dosing and timed procedures.

Without Pani
Inefficiencies damage membranes & raise opex

Imprecise dosing affects water quality and prevents membranes from achieving optimal life.

Reactive maintenance results in downtime

Membrane complexity and mistimed cleanings lead to unexpected failures and delays.

With Pani
Determine clear chemical dosing

Pani analyzes chemical efficiencies to provide insights into optimizing the dosage and timing.

Extend membrane life with predictive maintenance

Pani forecasts optimal times to clean membranes so you never replace them too early or too late.

State-of-the-Art SWRO & BWRO Desalination.

Sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO)

Identify and unlock marginal gains to bring down the total cost of desalting water through improved recovery and lowered energy and chemical use.

Brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO)

Adapt to variable water quality using current pump, valve, filter, and membrane conditions for maximum efficiency at minimum cost.


monitoring and

KPI tracking

3-6 Hours

per engineer

saved per week


recommendations identified

Retain your resources.

No disruption or downtime

No retrofits


"The further enhancement of the LoWatt® process in partnership with Pani enables us to better serve our customers and address the biggest pain points of desalination – energy consumption and biofouling."

Ravi C., COO & CTO
Aquatech International

Lower energy and chemical consumption.

Getting freshwater from saltwater is important to mitigating water scarcity, but the process requires a lot of energy and can account for up to 2/3 of OpEx at largescale SWRO facilities.

Without Pani Zed
High energy use contributres to high operating costs

Reducing energy consumption is a priority across industries, including water, to meet ambitious and critically important net-zero targets. 

Production levels fluctuate with each upset and downtime incident

Cleanings and replacements need to happen, but balancing chemical consumption, energy use, and cleaning-in-place (CIP) and changing staff schedules to plan ahead is difficult, inconsistent, and depends on the variable conditions and demand for water. 

Manual diagnostics are challenging and impact production

Knowing which setpoints to adjust for improved efficiency and identifying where issues are coming from depends on each operator’s experience. A changing workforce, increased demand, and aging infrastructure make it difficult for operational teams to always know which action to take. 

With Pani Zed
Reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs

Pani Zed uses predictive insights and prescriptive maintenance to find where to save on energy use. 

Holistic anomaly analysis to get back on track faster

Pani Zed™ delivers critical information to operators about key performance indicators (KPIs) and guides them to possible issues so that pretreatment and membrane failures can be avoided, and chemical dosing and feed pressures can be optimized. Prioritized actions help keep operators on top of KPIs. 

Find the right equation to save on energy, chemicals, cleanings, and replacements

Pani Zed uses predictive insights to optimize servicing frequency, recommending windows that won’t disrupt uptime or production and recovery levels. Get maximum pump, cartridge filter, and membrane life using the least amount of energy and chemicals so that resources aren’t wasted.

Up to 20%

reduced energy consumption


reduced chemical consumption


lowered OpEx costs

Pani provides a unique software solution so technologically advanced that it can create value rivaling upgraded equipment, and for such a minimal cost.

Khalid A., Chairman
Abunayyan Holding Group

Reduce OpEx up to 30%

See how advanced digital tools like Pani Zed can optimize performance of reverse osmosis systems.

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