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Pani Partners with Woodard & Curran to Deliver Innovative Digital Technology to Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Helping Them Reach More Sustainable and Resilient Operations

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, August 2nd, 2022 – Pani, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides digital operational twin technology to the water processing sector, is announcing a partnership with consulting and service provider firm, Woodard & Curran (W&C). The two companies are joining forces to launch Pani’s digital platform at three treatment sites in the state of New Jersey, USA, with aspirations to roll out the software across a broader set of sites. 

This collaboration will see the Pani platform implemented at a drinking water treatment facility, the second at a municipal wastewater facility, and the third at an industrial groundwater remediation facility. As a contracted service provider that focuses on each customer’s specific priorities, realities, and problems, W&C is adopting Pani’s innovative digital technology to holistically address the key issues of risk mitigation, compliance, and sustainable operations.    

By using data generated at each facility coupled with Pani’s robust predictive and prescriptive data analysis, the pair will implement the Pani solution at all three facilities over a year-long period.   

With Pani’s forecasting tools and insights, treatment plants can minimize risks to uptime and production levels, as well as improve operational efficiency and consistency across changing work shifts, all while making limited changes to existing workflows. The partnership aims to lower operating costs at each facility by increasing reliability and reduce risks by helping sites stay within compliance regulations. 

“We’re proud to be working with such a respected consulting and contract operations firm like Woodard & Curran on these implementations of Pani. Data generated from the three sites will be accessed using a one-way data transfer to keep information safe. Along with W&C, we firmly believe adopting digital technology will lead to increased uptime and optimized processes at these plants. Treatment facilities have been underserved with digital technologies for just too long. At Pani we think this needs to change, and this is exactly the type of forward thinking needed to really make an impact to establish better business practices and a more sustainable, resilient local water supply.” -Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO at Pani 

Pani’s ability to establish baselines for performance and detect operational anomalies, such as changes in water production levels, quality, and flowrates, works to provide actionable alerts and recommendations to operators. This empowers them to proactively prioritize servicing and maintenance tasks, allocating resources where they are needed and enabling each facility to do more with less. Institutional knowledge is retained and knowledge transfer is streamlined through the platform, helping to ensure that every operator understands how a plant is performing and where there is room for improvement, even if it’s their first time at a given site. Pani and W&C will help each plant meet water quality and compliance regulations, while lowering operational risks and costs so that water supply can meet demand and wastewater treatment can adapt to changing conditions. 

“W&C is excited to leverage Pani’s digital platform and this is an ideal opportunity to improve operational efficiencies at these public facilities. As contract operators, we understand the challenges that each plant faces as more of the workforce retires and that experience gets lost. Customer centricity and innovation have always been part of our focus and teaming up with Pani allows us to provide comprehensive, custom technology that is easy to implement, use, and scale in each processing segment. This will help our customers make the most of their data to execute better operational decisions in real time.” -Jay Sheehan, Senior Vice President at Woodard & Curran 

About Pani 

Canadian company Pani provides a cloud-based machine learning software platform to elevate the efficiency of industrial and city scale desalination, water, and wastewater treatment plants. Pani's award-winning technology aggregates and ingests data from the plant, then analyzes, visualizes, and instructs operators on how to optimize their plant's performance, saving time, resources, and the environment. 

About Woodard & Curran 

Woodard & Curran specializes in water and environmental projects, providing integrated science, engineering, design-build, and operations services to clients. The company offers contracted operators to public and private sectors using a tailored approach to meet each client’s specific needs. With a focus on innovative solutions, sustainable practices, and a collaborative approach to solving problems, W&C is dedicated to making a real impact for clients, employees, and the world at large. 

Media Contacts 

Norvin Eitzen 

Marketing, Pani 

tel: +1 (905) 687-2615 


Jen Andrews 

VP of Marketing, Woodard & Curran 

tel: +1 (800) 426-4262 


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