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WABAG Takes Leap into AI with Pani

WABAG takes leap into artificial intelligence to enhance operational efficiency in treatment plants with Pani's industry category-leading Operations Intelligence platform

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, October 16, 2023VA Tech WABAG Limited (WABAG), a leading pure-play Indian water multinational, has partnered with Pani Energy Inc. (Pani), a Canadian water technology company, to implement Pani's Operations Intelligence category-leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution Pani Zed™ across WABAG’s portfolio.

WABAG is the 3rd largest private water operator globally with providing safe and clean drinking water and sanitation to over 88.8 million people across the globe. The partnership aims to leverage Pani Zed™ to optimize operations costs by reducing downtime, energy consumption, and chemical usage. Additionally, it will expedite crucial decision-making processes and enhance the longevity of critical equipment, facilitating WABAG’s commitment towards a cleaner and greener world.

Shailesh Kumar, CEO-India Cluster at WABAG, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating,

“WABAG has always been a frontrunner in terms of innovation and implementing advanced technologies in the plants. We are excited about this collaboration with Pani Energy, the operational intelligence platform, powered by plant-specific models, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, will enable us to integrate world-class technology into our operations, significantly optimizing our water treatment processes. This aligns perfectly with our digitalization initiative and reinforces our commitment to providing sustainable solutions for a better life.”

Devesh Bharadwaj, founder and CEO of Pani, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration as well, saying,

"Pani's mission is to decarbonize and de-risk the global water supply. In this endeavour, Asia presents a significant opportunity to revolutionize existing treatment infrastructure. With freshwater scarcity prevalent, many industries and cities heavily rely on desalination and reuse water powered by a carbon-intensive electricity grid. Our partnership with VA Tech WABAG, a renowned industry leader, offers a unique partnership to make a substantial impact on water treatment and management. By leveraging industry's best operational intelligence platform, we aim to enhance efficiencies and de-risk operations starting with facilities in India."

Pani Zed™'s capability to provide continuous performance analytics, process forecasting, detect operational anomalies, offer actionable insights, and set-point recommendations empowers operations and maintenance teams to proactively prioritize servicing and maintenance tasks, allocating resources where needed and enabling each facility to achieve more and adapt to growing needs.

About Pani Pani is water-focused technology company based in Canada. Pani’s flagship product, Pani Zed™ is a cloud-based operational intelligence software platform to elevate the efficiency of large industrial and city scale desalination, reuse, water, and wastewater treatment plants worldwide. Pani's award-winning proprietary technology aggregates and ingests data from the plant, then analyzes, visualizes, and instructs operators on how they can optimize their plant's performance to save time, costs, resources, and the environment. Serving hundreds of facilities across the globe, Pani is on a mission to decarbonize water treatment by 510 megatons of emissions per year, one facility at a time.  Recognition includes Forbes 30 Under 30 for Social Impact, Top 3 Most Disruptive Water Technology by Global Water Intelligence, and the Global CleanTech 100 List in 2022 and 2023.  

About WABAG WABAG is a global leader in the water industry backed by rich experience spanning over 99 years. Being a pure-play water technology multinational, WABAG offers a complete range of technologies and services for Total Water Solutions in both Municipal and Industrial sectors. With over 1,600 water professionals, spread over 25 countries in 4 continents, WABAG is touching millions of lives every day. WABAG has built over 1,400 municipal and industrial plants in various geographies across the globe over the last 3 decades, with customized solutions matching to its customers' needs. WABAG is a complete life-cycle partner for building water and wastewater infrastructure covering Design, Engineering, Supply, Construction, Installation, Start up and Long-term Operational Management across various business models. With passion for innovation, WABAG is continuing its Research and Development initiatives from dedicated R&D centers located in Europe and India, and possesses over 125 IP Rights. WABAG’s vision is aligned to the UNSDGs and ESG with special focus on conservation, optimization, recycling and reuse of resources, directed at addressing water challenges across the world. WABAG is thus one of the world's leading partners for investments in a future that is worth living.

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