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Water technology company, Pani, redefines product to elevate Process Operations AI capabilities

Pani’s flagship product undergoes major changes to establish a new category of water treatment solutions called Process Operations AI.

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada - March 28th, 2023: Pani, a software-as-a-service company that provides advanced digital tools for water treatment operations, is announcing changes to their award-winning product, Zed. Pani Zed helps operations teams at desalination, industrial, and municipal treatment facilities make optimal decisions in all their operations, from A to Zed. 

As climate change intensifies, there is a need for industrial transformation at an accelerated pace across sectors. In water treatment, transformation towards more sustainable operations can pose a major challenge due to the lack of meaningful progress made in the software solutions available to manage processes at facilities. While PLC and SCADA systems provide some control and data management capabilities, a significant technology gap has emerged. 

We’ve engaged with hundreds of treatment plant operators, owners, and service providers since the company was founded and have noticed similar problems when operations teams try to improve on key performance indicators like risks, costs, water losses, and emissions. These problems often stem from the same root cause; there is too much data to process and not enough time or the right tools to help. Providing teams with critical capabilities through Pani Zed can make the difference in more efficient day-to-day operational decisions and will help accelerate digital transformation to get treatment plants further along on the roadmap to decarbonization.” -Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO at Pani 

Pani has used feedback and learnings from early customers to redefine Zed’s value propositions and delivery to bridge the technology gap. By addressing five key capabilities that are currently missing from the information stack at plants, the product provides foundational and advanced data analytics that evolve with facilities as they mature on their digital journeys. These capabilities are: 

  • Centralized data access with quality assurance 

  • System-wide health diagnostics and prescriptions 

  • Anomaly and opportunity detection 

  • Predictive operations and servicing 

  • Dynamic scenario optimization 

Falling under an emerging category of solutions called “process operations artificial intelligence,” the Pani team has developed Zed to lead the “ops AI” charge. The product provides quality data collection, analysis, interpretation, and recommended action that is accessible across the entire operations team. 

“Pani Zed takes a holistic approach to water process management, helping plant operators, engineers, analysts, managers, owners, and executives truly understand how their plant is performing at any given time in a way that is relevant to their role. Zed keeps every member of the operations team aware of opportunities for improvement. The changes we’ve made to redefine our product and the way plants can adopt it have been implemented to ensure time to value is reduced for all customers.” -Jason Nichols, Director of Product at Pani 

With four service tiers, View, Focus, Guide, and Consult, Pani Zed can be deployed at any treatment facility at any level of digital maturity around the world. Each tier builds on the capabilities of prior tiers, adding more sophisticated features, models, and algorithms. As the operations team becomes more advanced, the subscription tiers advance to transfer data processing and interpretation efforts from people to the product, leaving the team to focus on their everyday decision making. At the highest tier, AI-powered computations identify optimization opportunities for critical metrics like energy consumption, water recovery, chemical usage, and total cost of ownership. 

Pani Zed removes operational friction and increases the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of existing resources, workflows, and infrastructure at treatment facilities. The new product name and tiered subscription model go into effect today.  

About Pani 

Canadian company Pani provides a cloud-based platform to elevate the efficiency of industrial and city-scale desalination, water, and wastewater treatment plants. Pani's award-winning product, Zed, uses the latest technologies to aggregate data from processes, then visualizes, analyzes, and instructs operators on how to optimize their plant's performance to save time, resources, and the environment. 

Media Contacts 

Devesh Bharadwaj 

CEO, Pani 


Phone: +1 250 294 7854 


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