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Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO presents at the 2018 Global Water Summit

Pani Energy was honoured to be recognized as one of the, "Top 5 Water Most Disruptive Technologies" at the Global Water Summit in Paris this year.

CEO Devesh Bharadwaj presented trends in reverse osmosis technologies along with the highest impact regions for technology development and innovation. This is one area where Pani Energy is developing innovative technologies to help reduce the costs of producing fresh water. Bharadwaj detailed how operational costs savings can be achieved while improving system performance and component lifetimes.

Devesh elaborating on operational challenges faced by water treatment plants with variable demand requirements, and how that variability can be turned in to an opportunity to reduce operational costs

One such technology is called Pani Digital, adaptive software which is available in three tiers or levels (Base, Brite, and Genius), and can be combined with an advanced system design, to allow plant owners and operators to seamlessly optimize plant operations and achieve unprecedented performance improvements. Advanced data driven technologies (such as deep learning) discover unexpected improvements in plant performance, finding operating set points and schedules that are unpredictable by conventional techniques.

The image below helps visualize the complex operational possibilities that exist within a plant, which are ignored in current monitoring systems. Pani believes in providing this intelligence to the plant operators, managers and owners, allowing them to reduce operational costs in the range of 5-30%.

The Pani Energy team have received multiple awards for their R&D and innovation in the fields of process performance improvements and desalination. Pani is the winner of both the Clean Energy BC Research Award (2015 and 2016) and W.E. Cowie Engineering Innovation Award (2017). Pani's CEO, Devesh Bharadwaj, has been titled as the, "Future of British Columbia" and is recently been awarded as one of the "51 Most Impactful Leaders in Water & Water Management Globally".

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