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Pani CEO accepting award on stage

We are thrilled to announce that Pani has been honored with the Distinction prize in the Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year category at the 2023 Global Water Awards, held during the Global Water Summit in Berlin. This recognition signifies the trust the water sector places in Pani's approach and the category of Operations AI for optimizing water treatment.

The Global Water Summit, hosted by Global Water Intelligence, brought together participants from over 40 countries and major companies such as Veolia, ABB, Schneider, Aquatech International, Colgate, L'Oréal, and Aqualia. The summit highlighted breakthrough technologies like Pani's, as well as future disruptive trends, and leading projects from around the world. The active participation from end customers in the voting process further emphasizes the industry's excitement and demand for our approach in establishing a new category of Operations AI for water treatment management.

“What began as a hypothesis to address the technology gap in desalination and wastewater plants in early 2022, has transformed into a proven category of technology known as Process Operations AI (Ops AI) for treatment plants. With $8 million in seed funding and years of background research, we have developed a new technology layer that 'sits' virtually on top of SCADA, which had been the state of the art until now.” - Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO, Pani

Within a year, Pani has doubled its team size, increased the number of facilities using its platform by over 2,000% in more than 10 countries, and demonstrated the impact of Ops AI on plant performance and operating risk. Our technology has been shown to reduce operating costs by up to 15%, increase water production by up to 12%, and predict compliance issues and downtime up to 30 days in advance, with trusted predictions of over 94% accuracy based on third-party tests.

A few of Pani's water treatment plant clients in The Middle East, Canada, and The United States

Pani has been deployed in various segments of treatment, including large desalination plants in the Americas and Saudi Arabia, wastewater treatment facilities in Europe, and industrial treatment plants in various industries such as food and beverage, pulp and paper, and mining. Pani has established relationships with over two dozen industry-leading brands, including Coca-Cola, Abunayyan Holding Group, Aquatech International, Sawaco Water Desalination, Aditya Birla, Osmoflo, and Orange County Water District.

"Recognition for Breakthrough Technology Company Distinction by the global water sector is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Pani team in accelerating the water sector's transition to sustainable treatment. I am proud of the team and continue to be inspired by their focus on decarbonizing the water sector leveraging AI," said Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO at Pani, in response to the honor.

Pani team members with our Distinction Award at Pani HQ

Core to Pani's mission of reducing global emissions by 510 million tons per year by 2032 is the goal of enabling reduced emissions at large desalination and wastewater facilities. Pani also identified the need to accelerate the adoption of digital technology in emerging markets, which contribute to 65% of global emissions but often lack instrumentation and appreciation for decarbonization over other priorities. To address this, Pani engineered its product to allow facilities to adopt Ops AI based on their existing equipment, sensors, and resources, and evolve with them to maximize ROI and time to value. This strategy has proven to help facilities "leapfrog" several stages in their digital transformation. Pani estimates a 5-10X faster digital transformation compared to business as usual, opening doors to what has been an underserved market in an already digitally nascent global treatment sector.

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Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO

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