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Devesh Bharadwaj, Pani Energy's CEO, was fortunate to be invited to speak as one of five "Water Technology Idols" at the Global Water Summit in Paris, one of the top events for the water industry.

It was a fantastic experience and week for Devesh:

"It was great to be invited to the Global Water Summit, as one of the final water technology idol companies, encouraging our team to continue to work hard to improve the performance of the water industry. This event will help us expand our technologies internationally, taking our vision of reducing the global carbon emissions of water treatment processes, one step forward."

The Global Water Summit is well-known for having tremendous value, with a high caliber attendee and speaker list (which consists of C-Suite executives and industry thought leaders) this might explain the meaning behind its website name: - the conference did not disappoint:

"This conference is quite unique. It was amazing to meet the water industry's leaders from across the globe in the same place at the same time, with the same mission in mind. I was happy to find that majority of the industry is looking to innovate towards more economical and environmentally friendly technologies."

Thank you to the organizers at the Global Water Summit for putting on such a fantastic event - we hope to see everyone next year!

In what was a busy week for Devesh, he was also invited to speak on behalf of the University of Victoria in Seattle. Devesh was speaking to the students of a Washington graduating high-school, hoping to inspire them to solve the worlds biggest challenges - such as his story of starting Pani Energy to end the water and energy crisis.

"It was a wonderful opportunity to represent the University of Victoria with the VP of Academics Dr. Valerie Kuehne to inspire students entering a new chapter of their life and encouraging them to follow their dreams."

Devesh's next event will have him returning to Seattle on May 3rd to speak to a packed stadium at WE DAY to help inspire others with his story and represent Pani Energy and the University of Victoria.






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