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Pani Energy was selected as the winner of Imagine H2O Asia's demo days recently in Singapore . The event was sponsored by Enterprise Singapore, Suez, and Moya and pitted Pani against several of the world's top water technology startups. Pani will receive a $25K deployment grant as part of the award.

Imagine H2O is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people to deploy and develop innovation to solve water challenges globally. Imagine H2O has become a proven path to market for promising water startups and their portfolio companies received 1/3 of all venture capital funding in the water sector in 2018.

Imagine H2O issued a call for water startups to apply to its accelerator program in April of this year. 110 companies applied and from those applications, 8 were selected to compete in Singapore.

During the week long event in Singapore, executives from the water technology startups met with advisers, executives and thought leaders from the water tech industry and had the opportunity to test ideas and validate market assumptions with these experts.

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