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Thank you so much to Foresight CAC for the Rising Star Award, and congratulations on the great success of the first ever BC Cleantech Awards!

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It's such an honour to be selected for this wonderful award from among all the fantastic companies who were nominated. We'd like to congratulate everyone who was nominated and who won, including our friends SDTC receiving the Innovative Program Award, SFU Professor Mark Jaccard for the Sustainability Educator Award, Chrysalix Venture Capital for both the Innovation Funder Award and the Connector Award, along with all the outstanding and impactful people and companies recognized for their work and contributions.

British Columbia has a growing reputation as a launchpad for rapidly building and scaling clean technology companies, and our success as an industry is a result of the work, passion and dedication of BC’s leaders and up-and-coming gamechangers. We are very pleased to honour them with these awards. - Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight

Thanks to the sponsors of the BC Cleantech Awards program: Vancouver Economic Commission, KPMG, Innovate BC, Fasken, Clean BC, and Western Economic Diversification Canada.






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Plant-wide Risk Mitigation for Reverse Osmosis Facilities: Digital Twins for the Win

In our recent post, Top Three Opportunities for Machine Learning to Improve Reverse Osmosis Plans, we introduce the case for automated plant-wide risk mitigation in reverse osmosis facilities.

Feb 22, 2021


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