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There is a lot that the Pani platform can do with current plant data, but there's even more that can be done if it's also able to learn from the past. By digitizing a facility and entering the realm of digitalization through a live IIoT connection, real-time data about plant performance and possible problems is at your fingertips. However, while it's important to understand what's happening today using current data, something that's often neglected until it's needed is historical data.

Historical data that's been collected over the years may not seem critical anymore, yet it holds a key piece of every plant's puzzle and provides valuable information to the Pani platform for a complete plant picture.

We recently updated our CSV import to allow for easy uploading of historical data in batches, as far back as it's available. By knowing what's happened in the past, better decisions can be made in the future.

Pairing historical uploading with the new multi-metric block feature, which lets users build their own custom views using various metrics to look at much more information at once, allows operators to compare and contrast the present with the past. This can help with tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) over time to understand where progress is being made and where a system or process is lagging behind.

The benefits of getting historical data into the Pani platform include:

  • enabling Pani's artificial intelligence to run simulations using past plant performance

  • comparing past and present performance to see where there is opportunity for improvement

  • improved modelling for predictive analysis based on a fuller picture of historical plant issues

There is a lot of hidden value in data, even the data that no one's looked at since the last annual report. Let Pani use it to prioritize servicing and maintenance and unlock plant peak performance.

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